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alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: BY OUR POWERS COMBINED I AM CAPTAIN PLANET VAGETA! *Pulls Christo onto the log and pulls his hands together.* SANDWICH BOMB! *Shoots his hands out as if he were firing a laser.* KABLEEEW. *Coughs* Note to remember, never scream that much in one sitting. *Takes his bag and nibbles on his sugar peas.* You an' me gotta go swimmin' sometime. We can look for lake monsters~

*laughs at Alma’s silliness, nibbling on a sandwich himself. He looks up at him when he said they should go swimming. He shakes his head* I no kno swim.

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: *Looks down.* Christo! My most favored of subjects... You should not me with the peasants! Come. *Holds out a hand dramatically.* Step onto the royalty log with me. We shall rule the Sandwich Lands together, and defeat the roast beef menace.

Sundwiches~!!! *pops back up enthusiastically, taking Alma’s hand. He points out in a random direction* Chhaaaaggee!!

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: Don't eat all of them too fast because I got something really good in here too! *Reaches down and pulls out a plastic bag and holds it up.* Sugar peeeaaasss~ *He sing-songed loudly.* I am the Sandwich King~ All shall bow to me! *Sets the sandwich bag down and stands on a log, puffing out his chest proudly.*

*eyes are wide as dinner plates, laughs and bows down to Alma for fun* Eiii~ Sundwhiche, sundwhice~ <3 <3

oppositecampers sent: Skylark: Youre really cute

*eats the food but stops, blinking at Skylark* Eii? Kute? What say?

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: Y'know, a record. Like, I managed to take two sandwiches before, but the most I've gotten today is six! So... Personal record... But I got sandwiches! *Holds out the open bag.* Go wild! It took some skill to sneak past the crazy lunch lady.

*his eyes widen in wonderment as a bag full of delicious sandwiches is opened in front of him, almost sparkling with intent. He grabs a sandwich and scarfs it down as quick as he can, eating by the mouthful* MmmmM!!! Aahh-mahh, grazie! *he says with a mouthful, looking happy and full and joy*

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: Christo! Christo my broski I have broken a record! Probably... *Shakes his bag joyously.*

*blinks* Recorde? *comes out of the bushes, wondering what Alma was talking about.* How say, recorde?

oppositecampers sent: Jessy: *rins and drops it into his hand* Thank you~

*smiles, taking the food and mimicking Jessy* Thanke-yue~

oppositecampers sent: Jessy: If you want the food, i have to see your face

*pouts, sticking his head out of the bush. he reaches harder for the food* Eiiiiii!! *he whines*

oppositecampers sent: Jessy: Hey um I have food with me... come talk to me... please

*tries to take the food from the secrecy of a nearby bush*

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: Sandvich! DA! Good choice! I'll see you later Christo~ *Smiles back at him and runs off.*

*waves at him as he leaves* Baiii~ *he waits until he’s out of sight, before his smile fades a little. He turns and vanishes into the woods, off to his little hideaway*

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: *Lets go of him, grinning.* I'll come back tomorrow. Any kinda food you want me to bring?

*Sticks his tongue out and thinks, rubbing his chin. He smiles wide back* Sandwiche~?

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: I won't forget that anytime soon... I just- No, I gotta stop letting him get the best of me. Christo is my good friend, and nothing is ever gonna make me think otherwise. *Hugs him back and nuzzles his face into him.* Heehee~

*Smiles down at the younger boy, ruffling his hair* Good All-mah, thanke~ *he chuckles as he’s nuzzled, surprised at his affections*

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: *Blinks and looks over his shoulder for a moment when Christo insulted Achak, but looked back at him.* Friend? Friend! I knew it! I mean, I always knew, but I just wanted to make sure, ya know... Because he- *Gets a little choked up, so happy and relieved the monster was once again just lying.* S-sorry... I'm getting the dumbs again... Heh heh.

*pouts at Alma, not liking how he got so worked up over something someone said* All-mahhhh *he whines, squeezing the other boy in a tight hug.* inepta *he giggles, still holding Alma tight* You friend, no forget, ok?

alma-natureboy-mathers-deactiva sent: Are you my friend? Or am I just another kid who brings you food? *Looks a bit worried about the answer.* I just need to know... I need to know that Achak is lying.

*goes silent, not sure why Alma was asking that. He cocks his head and frowns* Achake? Who Achake? Cretin! *he hissed the insult before relaxing a moment, putting his hands on Alma’s shoulders and staring him straight in the eyes, dead serious* Alma, friende!

*looks excited as he munches on the bread* Magister’s bed is very good, very good <3 are all bed good like that? Can I sleep your bed?